Mai Thai, Auckland, New Zealand

I’ve been to Mai Thai before… and it was good.

This is just a note to say that I went back to Mai Thai (3 trips, 3 visits, it MUST be good!) and took a colleague along who was a bit of a Thai food officianado and he liked it.

You will never have a bad feed at this restaurant. If you don’t live in Auckland do yourself a favour, buy a plane ticket and try this restaurant.

Wangthai Restaurant, Auckland, New Zealand

After the “world’s most expensive beer” ¬© we headed off to graze. We were thinking on Monsoon Poon, but went past Wangthai Restaurant with their “2005 Best Thai” award so thought we’d give it a go.

The mistake had begun.

The meal started off OK, a pretty respectable chicken tom yum and a nice cold Chang beer.

Unfortunately, that’s where it went down hill. Both me and my colleague both like spicy food and we made sure we asked for spicy… however, the main that came out you could feed to your 6 month old bub.

We’d ordered the “Angry Duck” and a green chicken curry, steamed rice, and a couple of Singha beers. The beers were fine, the food lacked excitement. Don’t get me wrong, the food was tasty, just not spicy enough as we’d asked for, and expected.

Will I be going back. Don’t think so, but YMMV.

Degree, Auckland, New Zealand

After having to mortgage my apartment to pay for the beer earlier on in the week, we decided to head off to the gaggle of restaurants close by to The Westin on the waterfront.

We’d decided to start off with a couple of beers before moving onto getting something to eat. One beer became two, became half a dozen, and we just couldn’t be bothered moving from where we were. Luckily Degree does meals, so our fate was sealed.

It was a nice, balmy Auckland evening, great for beer, Salt and Pepper Squid for entree, and 400g of lean sirloin on a stonegrill seemed to be next logical progression.

On a what? I hear you ask… a stonegrill… essentially a very, very hot stone that cooks your steak in front of you.

Out comes a blue steak, sizzling away on the stonegrill, and for the next 20 or 30 minutes, we cooked our own, really tasty, steak, slice by slice. A really good, and not overly expensive, steak.

If you’re in Auckland, on a nice afternoon, this is a great place to go for a drink, and if, like us, you can’t be bothered moving on, stay for dinner.

Find Degree on the web here.

Melbourne Yacht Club Hotel, Docklands, Melbourne, Australia

It was a public holiday in Melbourne, and the weather wasn’t too bad, so had lunch with a friend down at Docklands in Melbourne.

Not having been to the restaurant area of Docklands before, we walked the length of the food strip and finally came to Melbourne Yacht Club Hotel. It wasn’t too busy (maybe this was an omen), and the menu looked OKish.

We ordered a couple of Chargrilled Steak Sandwich  on a toasted baguette, cheese, tomato, caramelised onion and served with fries, to be cooked medium rare, and a bottle of 2006 Riposte The Sabre Pinot Noir to wash it down.

Out came the steak sandwich, over cooked unfortunately, but it still tasted OK, probably not worth the $20.

Then came the pinot, probably not the best pinot I’d ever had, but it was refreshing, and went down fine. Definitely not worth the $47.

Thank god I had some decent company.

Would I be going to MYCH again… probably not…

Wolfie’s Grill, Sydney, Australia

I’ve been to Wolfie’s a couple of times before, maybe even half a dozen, it’s not cheap, but the food is good and the views are to die for.

Wolfie’s is on the waterfront at West Circular Quay with views of the Harbour, Opera House and Harbour Bridge. A great place to bring out of towners for a meal.

Wolfie’s is a meat eaters wet dream… if its not steak you want, you could go the ribs, or you could try some of the local fauna (kangaroo & crocodile).

Today I chose an old favorite, sticky pork ribs with barbaque sauce. Not just one or two ribs, but a full set of ribs and boy were they good. Accompanied by a little coleslaw and some chips which complimented the ribs quite well.

The wine list is rather good also. Can’t remember what wine we had though, but I did finish off with a glass of port.

Find wolfie’s on the internet here.