Nam Nam Noodle Bar, Raffles City, Singapore

I’m not one for paying the usurious dollars that hotels charge for breakfast so, on the very odd occasion I do have breakfast, I try to find a more reasonably priced option.

In the basement of Raffles City shopping centre in Singapore is a decent food court with many and varied eating options.

I had planned to head over to Bao Today at Marina Square but walking through the food court I decided to have a look at what the Nam Nam menu had to offer. I saw Pho on the menu and my mind went back to the great soups I’d had in Vietnam so thought I might as try the Pho here.

I ordered the old standard Beef Pho which, while not of the quality you’d get in Vietnam, was quite decent and reasonable in serving size. This came with a Vietnamese coffee with condensed milk which was ok but nothing compared to the real Vietnamese coffee. Not too bad for the princely sum of SG$6.90.

I wanted to give the Chicken Pho a try so I had breakfast here a couple of days later before I was to fly home. It seems that there’s a different pricing structure on the weekend as I was charged extra for my coffee this time for a total cost of SG$12.90.

For the price it was a decent meal. I will eat here next time I go to Singapore.

Their website is


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Bao Today, Marina Square, Singapore

Bao Today is a Dim Sum cafe with a superb menu at quite reasonable prices which you can see of their website.

I stumbled across this place back in May 2015 and ended up taking a colleague here later on in our trip. The one I’ve eaten at is at Marina Square.

My favourite dishes for breakfast were

  • Prawn Dumplings
  • Char Siew Rice Role
  • Crispy Fried Golden Dumpling
  • BBQ Pork Bao
  • Honey BBQ Pork Bao, and
  • Braised Pork Bao

My mouth is watering just thinking back to the flavours.

There are 3 franchises in Singapore at the moment – worth a visit.

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TAP Craft Beer Bar, Singapore

For many years the Capitol Piazza in Singapore was being redeveloped – in fact probably for the past 5 years atleast! But finally the renovation has been finished and the results are quite good. Lots of shopping, restaurants and bars.

When I was in Singapore in May I noticed that a bar was about to open call TAP Craft Beer Bar and I made a mental note to try it next time I was in Singapore.

That next time was December 2015.

TAP has a magnificent menu of beers on tap and in bottle from all around the world. The menu on their website has around 45 beers on it! You couldn’t get through the menu if you tried!

Not going to say much more than to say

If you are a beer lover GO TO TAP!!!!!

Happy hour discounts aren’t as generous as at other bars, but the quality of the beers makes up for it.

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Zheng Swee Kee, Singapore

A stones throw from Raffles, where I’ve had one of my most expensive beers ever, is a small chinese restaurant that has to be one of the best value places in Singapore for freshly cooked dishes, and a decent priced beer.

Zheng Swee Kee is a traditional Hainanese chicken rice restaurant and is on Seah Street which is a bit of a food and drink street.

For starters, a bottle of Tiger is $9 which is very good value in Singapore.

I visited around 5 times during my 2 visits in Singapore in 2015. Looking at my receipts I gravitated to 2 particular dishes which were both traditional and magnificent.

  1. Traditional Chicken Rice – elegant in it’s simplicity and so very tasty with a chicken broth and some chilli sauce. And a steal at $4.50.
  2. Sweet and Sour Pork – I love traditional sweet and sour pork that’s not overloaded with sauce. Good proportion of pork to the vegetables. Slightly more expensive at $14 but this is for a reasonably large serve, and rice is $0.80 extra.

I used to go to the hawker food centre in Raffles City, but I think the quality, taste and freshness of the food at this restaurant far exceeds what you can get in the food court. It does get busy but I managed to visit outside the peak times so I nearly always was able to get a seat.

Highly recommended.

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JC Cafe and Bar, Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon, Hong Kong

I was looking for Fatt’s Place on Hart Avenue in Tsim Sha Tsui but I miscalculated and ended up stumbling upon the JC Cafe and Bar instead.

Arrived about 6 o’clock and the place was buzzing, lots of people after work I’d be guessing. Even though it was still light outside the establishment is quite dark inside.

If you were in a group of people I think this would be a decent place to visit, but as a single I felt out of place.

Beer, Carlsburg this time, was at the obligatory Happy Hour prices. I grabbed a Calamari and Onion Rings from the food menu as a snack while I had 2 pints of beer.

I’m going back to Hong Kong soon with a mate, might see if the dynamics are different with 2 of us.

As I left JC’s I then found where Fatt’s Place was, a hundred or so metres up the road!

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