Supper Inn, Melbourne, Australia

Supper Inn is a Chinese restaurant in the Melbourne CBD.

The address is
15 Celestial Avenue (off Little Bourke St)
Melbourne, Victoria, 3000

I’ve probably been to the Supper Inn a couple of dozen times over the years and you will never get a bad feed there.

It may be in a dodgy side lane off Little Bourke Street, up a narrow flight of stairs and it hasn’t been renovated in the best part of 30 years, but all that pales into insignificance once you order some of the best Chinese food that you will get in Melbourne.

Favorites dishes include

  • Fried duck with lemon sauce
  • Fried calamari with chilli
  • Roast Duck

All topped off with Tsingtao beer… what could be better.

You usually walk away amply satiated for around $20 a head.

Recommended, but if you get there late you will have to queue for a table.