The past year in frequent flyer miles

It’s been another year shuffling between airports, hotels and the occasional week at home.

This year I managed to clock up 67 flights and traveled around 105,000 Kms. That’s around 150 hours sitting in plane, not counting waiting time etc.

Trips were mostly in Australia, but also half a dozen trips to New Zealand, plus a trip to each of Singapore & Thailand.

Some stats

Shortest flight: Sydney <-> Canberra, 238 Kms, ~46 mins
Longest flight: Sydney <-> Bangkok, 7,523 Kms, ~9 hours
Most popular route: Melbourne <-> Sydney, 707 Kms, ~1:20 hours
Most popular airline: Qantas, 64 out of 67 flights

Its now time to put my feet up for three weeks before heading off to Brisbane in the New Year.

Amo Roma, Sydney, Australia

I was in Sydney for an evening so decided to try somewhere new for dinner after a couple of refreshing beers. We were imbibing at Circular Quay and decided to head down to the rocks to find somewhere to eat.

There are many choices in that part of Sydney: steak, Italian, Thai… but we decided to try an Italian restaurant called Amo Roma on George Street.

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