Café ‘t Monumentje, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

For Sunday brunch I headed into the western part of Amsterdam. The destination for my trek was Café ‘t Monumentje.

Café ‘t Monumentje is a cosy and quaint cafe that serves coffees, pastries and importantly local beers.

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Brasserie FLO Amsterdam, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Brasserie FLO Amsterdam is part of the sprawling Eden Hotel Amsterdam and Rembrandt Square Hotel Amsterdam complex.

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De Nachtwacht, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

On the western side of Rembrandt Square is a steak restaurant called De Nachtwacht.

I visited on a Saturday evening around 6pm but was still able to get a seat out on the well patronised terrace.

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Cafe De Sluyswacht, Amsterdam, The Netherland

A magnificent building built in 1695 as the home for the sluice master who operated the sluice gates that still sit in the walls of the canal. Now the building is home to a bar.

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Bar Langendijk, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

After walking around East Amsterdam for a couple of hours I spotted the De Gooyer windmill and headed towards it. There are a couple of bars in the shadows of the windmill so I knew I’d be able to get a drink.

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