Beer Belly Tosabori, Osaka, Japan

After a 13 minute Sunday afternoon shinkansen trip from Shin-Kobe to Shin-Osaka followed by a local train to Osaka Station I’d settled into my hotel and was looking for somewhere for an afternoon beer and a meal.

A walk of 15 minutes had me outside Beer Belly in Tosabori pretty much at opening time. When I entered there was only one other patron.

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HOPSTAND, Kobe, Japan

After a quick subway ride from Shin-Kobe to Sannomiya station I was in the bustling centre of Kobe.

HOPSTAND is only around 100m from the western end of Sannomiya subway station, but it felt like 1km as I trudged up and down the small streets as my GPS tried to get a fix. But get a fix I eventually did and was soon seated in the small bar called HOPSTAND.

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Crowne Plaza ANA Kobe, Kobe, Japan

I’d gotten to the shinkansen platform at Himeji station early for my train to Shin-Kobe so I settled down for a bit of a snack. As I was early I’d planned on jumping on an earlier train. A quick look at Hyperdia told me one would be arriving soon… it did, and for some reason I just sat there, I was probably snacking away – sigh. Anyway, another train arrived soon and I was on my way for the 26 minute train ride to Shin-Kobe.

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