Korean Seoul Restaurant, Melbourne, Australia again…

I’d been to this restaurant probably 6 weeks or so ago.

We were in the city on Saturday evening, looking for somewhere to get a beer and a meal.

The beer was forthcoming at the Turf Bar (previously The Turf Accountants, site of the Great Bookie Robbery in 1976 during which $1.3 million was stolen, though many think the actual take was much larger than this) in Queen Street.

While drinking, we were tossing up what to eat… steak, ribs, Chinese, but finally decided that Korean food was close by and would be a tasty change.

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Curry Vault, Melbourne, Australia again…

Told you I liked this place!

Had a colleague down from Sydney working on a project and we’d decided that a couple of beers were in order followed by a feed. We met at the Mitre Tavern and couldn’t be bothered moving too far, so I pointed up Bank Place to the Curry Vault and the evening’s destiny was set.

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Bow Thai Restaurant, Brisbane, Australia

After eating at Cha Cha Char on Wednesday evening, we needed somewhere to eat on Thursday. A quick check with the staff at the pub we were having a drink at, and with the concierge at our hotel had us heading down to Fortitude Valley to a Thai restaurant called Bow Thai. We were told that this was the best Thai food in Brisbane.

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Cha Cha Char, Brisbane, Australia again…

I was in Brisbane for work again last week and the major decision to be made was “where do we eat?”

The obvious answer was Cha Cha Char’s. I’ve dined at Cha Cha Char’s a couple of times and the meals have always been excellent.

We’d had a couple of beers after work at the near by Belgian Beer Cafe and headed off to the restaurant around 6:30 to see if we could score a table. Since we were early we were able to get a table straight away but the restaurant filled up very quickly, so I guess we were lucky.

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Curry Vault, Melbourne, Australia

A friend had told me of a great Indian restaurant in the Melbourne CBD. Yesterday I had the opportunity to give it a try, and I have to say that this is the best Indian restaurant I’ve  eaten at in Melbourne in a long, long time.

The Curry Vault is in Bank Place near the Mitre Tavern off Collins Street. It was a balmy Thursday evening and the restaurant was full. We were lucky to get a table.

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