Ah Yat Kitchen, Food Republic, Capitol Piazza, Singapore

Several months back I visited Ah Yat Kitchen the the Capitol Piazza in Singapore and swore I’d be returning.

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TAP Craft Beer Bar, Singapore

TAP Craft Beer Bar in the Capitol Theatre in Singapore is a magnificent bar that I have visited several times before.

And so it was a short trip to Singapore between Christmas and New Year that saw me pulling out the bar stool at the bar of TAP for a couple of refreshing ones.

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Ah Meng Restaurant, Singapore Zoo, Singapore

It was a hot and steamy Friday morning in Singapore with warnings of torrential rains late in the afternoon.

I enjoy Singapore Zoo, you don’t have the depressing concrete and wire cages that you see in many zoos around the region.

You can explore the zoo in 4 or 5 hours but be warned that on a hot and humid day you’ll be well worn out by the time you finish.

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The Mint, Melbourne, Australia

The Mint is a reasonable bar and restaurant situated in the gatehouse of the former Royal Mint in Melbourne.

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