Izakaya Hosokawa, Toyama, Japan

After the ~330km trip from Tokyo to Toyama on the Shinkansen at a top speed of ~265km/h I was looking for somewhere to have dinner.

Close by to my hotel I noticed an Izakaya (a Japanese tavern) that had some decent reviews.

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Kanazawa Katsuzo, Ark Hills, Tokyo, Japan

When I first stayed at the ANA InterContinental Tokyo several years ago I stumbled across a great little katsu restaurant, Tonkatsu Wako, in the adjacent Ark Hills complex but when I went looking for it last year I found that it had closed.

Good news though, another great katsu restaurant, Kanazawa Katsuzo, has recently opened up in the complex.

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Craft Beer Market, Toranomon, Tokyo, Japan

I’d arrived in Tokyo the previous evening for my 4th holiday in Japan and after exchanging my JR Pass I’d hopped on the Yamanote Line heading towards Shimbashi Station and started walking back towards my hotel.

As I was heading through Toranomon I bought up the magnificent map of Japanese craft beers to see what was on offer and open for lunch in the area which pointed me towards a bar that I visited during my last trip, Craft Beer Market, Toramonom.

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InterContinental Grand Stanford, East Tsim Sha Tsui, Hong Kong

I’ve been staying at the InterContinental Grand Stanford in East Tsim Sha Tsui for around 13 years. Probably stayed here 20 times, maybe more, over the years.

Back when I started staying here it was slightly run down, but still a good hotel. The good news is that it’s recently been refurbished, especially the bathrooms, to bring it back upto a great standard.

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