Gypsy and Pig, Melbourne, Australia

Gypsy and Pig, located at the corner of Little Lonsdale and Hardware Streets, is a well patronised Japanese restaurant in the Melbourne CBD and it specialises in Japanese pork dishes.

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Good Heavens, Melbourne, Australia

Good Heavens is a roof top bar on top of Fancy Hanks where Tuscan Rooftop used to be. We headed up here as we waited for our table at Fancy Hanks to become available.

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Fancy Hanks, Melbourne, Australia

I’m very much a carnivore so when a friend suggested that we head to Fancy Hanks on Bourke Street for dinner mid mini rooftop pub crawl it didn’t take me too long to say yes.

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Bomba Rooftop, Melbourne, Australia

I’ve been to Bomba rooftop a number of times now and they’ve doubled the size of the bar in the past 18 months or so.

Bomba is up the east end of Lonsdale Street, pretty much opposite the Marriott Hotel.

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Retro Rooftop, Melbourne, Australia

I have a mission to try to find all the rooftop bars in the Melbourne CBD and today I headed off to Retro Rooftop which is, as the name would suggest, a rooftop bar situated on top of Club Retro in Lonsdale Street.

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