The Mill, Melbourne

It amazing how dead the Melbourne CBD can be on a Sunday evening.

Started off with a couple of beers at the Westin in Collins Street where we’d decided that a decent steak was in order for dinner. Headed over to The Meat and Wine Co at Southbank. However, the queue at the door told us that tonight wasn’t going to happen.

We then tried the Curry Vault in Bank Place, but that was closed tighter than a goldfish’s bum. Squire’s Loft in Goldie Lane was similarly locked up, so we ventured down to Hardware Lane to see what was on offer (and to try to avoid the touts).

We chose the Mill Bar and Restaurant as the menu could be best described as modern Australian and the specials sounded OK. There was also a jazz band playing which added to the ambiance.

I deciced on an Angus Eye Fillet, medium rare, with spuds and beetroot and it was quite decent. The steak was done to almost perfection. I could pull it to pieces with my knife and fork it was that tender.

My friend had a Barramundi from the specials board but he wasn’t overjoyed with it.

We washed our meals down with a couple of Hoegaaeden’s.

I’m in two minds as to whether I would go back to this restaurant. I think it was probably overpriced for size of the meals. But YMMV.

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Hairy Canary, Melbourne

I’d planned to head off to the Melbourne Comedy Festival this evening, but me being lazy I didn’t bother to try to book tickets until yesterday, at which time I found out that there are many, many people out there who aren’t lazy as I am, and that they’d already snapped up all the tickets to the shows I was interested in… Time to switch to “Plan B”.

Plan B was a couple of drinks and a quick dinner, but where? The shortlist was

  • Cookie
  • Hairy canary
  • Somewhere in Chinatown

We’d decided that we wouldn’t be able to get a table at Cookie, so decided to see if we could get into Hairy Canary on Little Collins Street.

The place was buzzing when we arrived and no tables were available, it was 6pm on a Friday afterall, so this was understandable. We staked our claim to the next table to be freed up, waited about 10 minutes while we had a look at the menu, and then we had our table.

The menu has a decidedly Spanish feel to it. If you like Tapas, you’ll find a good selection here, but we decided to try a couple of pizzas. Prawn, Chorizo & Chilli, and Ham & Roasted Garlic were the choices and enough for 2 to share. We think we made a good selection as we scoffed them down and felt satiated at the end.

I washed my pizza down with a Knappstein Reserve Lager, and my friend had a glass of, apparently, very nice white.

We were probably in and out in 45 minutes, but we weren’t rushed.

Nice relaxed place with a good food and drink menu.

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Korean Seoul Restaurant, Melbourne, again…

I’d been to this restaurant probably 6 weeks or so ago.

We were in the city on Saturday evening, looking for somewhere to get a beer and a meal.

The beer was forthcoming at the Turf Bar (previously The Turf Accountants, site of the Great Bookie Robbery in 1976 during which $1.3 million was stolen, though many think the actual take was much larger than this) in Queen Street.

While drinking, we were tossing up what to eat… steak, ribs, Chinese, but finally decided that Korean food was close by and would be a tasty change.

Since there were only two of us again this time, we decided to go for the smallest Korean style barbecue banquet consisting of marinated beef, pork and chicken. Accompanied by the usual side dishes of lettuce, cucumber, pickled cabbage etc. and rice.

As last time, the meal was extremely tasty and very reasonably priced. The banquet was $50 for two people, very good value for the food that was provided.

This restaurant also has a good selection of Korean beers.

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Curry Vault, Melbourne… again…

Told you I liked this place!

Had a colleague down from Sydney working on a project and we’d decided that a couple of beers were in order followed by a feed. We met at the Mitre Tavern and couldn’t be bothered moving too far, so I pointed up Bank Place to the Curry Vault and the evening’s destiny was set.

For starters had the Onion Bhajia again, really tasty.

This time we decided not to go for really hot main dishes, but rather a couple of more mild curries. We ordered a Beef Madras and a Chicken Curry accompanied by a Keema Naan and saffron rice.

A great, tasty, and not overly hot combination of dishes that made for a great meal that was washed down by a couple of Tiger beers.

Can only say that my second visit here was just as good as my first.

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Bow Thai Restaurant, Brisbane

After eating at Cha Cha Char on Wednesday evening, we needed somewhere to eat on Thursday. A quick check with the staff at the pub we were having a drink at, and with the concierge at our hotel had us heading down to Fortitude Valley to a Thai restaurant called Bow Thai. We were told that this was the best Thai food in Brisbane.

We were all a little bit famsihed after an early start and not much to eat during the day. Entrees and mains were the order of the evening, and quick smart too!

We had some Winter Prawns to share and I had a Tom Kha Gai soup which was almost on par with the soup at Mai Thai in Auckland.

We decided to share mains, 4 in total by the end of the evening. Duck, prawn, lamb and chicken curries were all extremely tasty and not overbearingly hot.

A good Thai restaurant that I will go to again.

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