Why you should never buy another Maxtor or Seagate harddrive

This tale begins probably 2.5 months ago now. One of my 500GBytes hard drives started acting erratically, eventually become unreadable and then started to click… Not good, atleast I had most of the stuff backed up.

But that’s when things started to go downhill.

I logged onto the Maxtor website, which redirects to the Seagate website to try to find out if my drive was under warranty as I’d only bought it just over a year ago. Found the link for checking warranty, entered the model number and the serial number and, according to the website, the drive was still under warranty and could be RMAed and a new one would be sent out. Sweet!

Packed the drive up and sent it off. Every couple of days I checked the website to see if the drive had been received, no luck… hhmm… A couple of weeks later I raise a support case with Seagate online asking what’s happening.

I eventually get a call from someone at Seagate saying that I had got one of the numbers wrong in the serial number. Apparently I’d entered a ‘B’ instead of an ‘8’, or vice versa. OK I thought, the drive should still be under warranty so there shouldn’t be an issue. BUT NO!!!! Seems that if you get a character wrong in the serial number they refuse to correct the error for you. Rather they tell you that they will return the drive unrepaired, AND, this is the killer, they mark the drive’s warranty as VOID, so you can’t try to return it again with the corrected serial number.

I asked to speak to this person’s manager, they flatly refused to allow me to escalate the issue. He even had the nerve to say that he had no manager! Since I doubt I was speaking to the chairman of the board of Seagate this person had just LIED to me.

I updated my support case online saying that since Seagate refuse to honor a valid warranty then Seagate should return the faulty drive to me.

A couple of week later I get another call from Seagate saying that they are shipping the unrepaired drive back. That was mid May.

A couple of weeks go by, and still no harddrive. I update my support call again asking what’s happening.

Another week goes by and I get another phone call from Seagate asking whether I’d received my drive yet. I say no, and the lady says she’d follow this up to try to find out what’s happening.

So, where are we today, 2.5 months into this saga and 10 or so days after the last call? Well, I’m still without a harddrive (either the faulty one, or the replacement that Seagate should have supplied under warranty).

Seagate have just proved how unethical and incompetent they are as an organisation. Not only have they refused to honor the warranty on a drive that IS COVERED BY WARRANTY due to a simple typographical error. They lie to you on the phone and don’t return goods when they say they will.

So, the crux of all this is that Seagate have STOLEN a drive from me and I doubt there’s much I can do about. Well there is, I WILL NEVER buy another Maxtor or Seagate harddrive, and if you enjoy your sanity, I suggest you do the same.

11 June update #1 : Still no harddrive, and no contact from Seagate after updating the ticket in their CRM system.

11 June update #2 : Just updated the ticket in the, so called, Seagate support system. Let’s see if they ignore me again. Also sent an e-mail to Seagate Sale support. Got an auto reply saying they got my e-mail and will respond in three days. Not holding my breath though.

And special thanks to all the people that have contacted me with similar stories of woe.


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Supper Inn, Melbourne

I’ve been to Supper Inn many, many times. I would hazard a guess that its getting up to 20 0r 25 times.

As I said last time, I’ve never had a bad meal at Supper Inn, and tonight was no different.

This evening’s dishes included

  • Chicken sang choy bow
  • Steamed duck with vegetables

Finished off with Tsingtao beer.

You can’t do much better than this for $20/head.

Though I must say, you come for the food, not the ambiance.

Rating: (3.5/5)

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Degree, Auckland, New Zealand

We headed to Degree on my suggestion that a decent steak was on offer.

When I was last at Degree in February is it was a nice, balmy Auckland evening. Oh how times have changed in a couple of months… This evening it was FREEZING!

We chose a table inside and we all decided that stonegrill steaks were the order of the evening.

I went the “challenge” which is 400g of steak. I accompanied mine with onion rings and fried. Yummy!

Tuesday evening offers $7 basic deserts and I had a nice, but small, Tiramisu.

Main and deserts was accompanied by several pints of zesty Monteith’s Radler beer.

Find Degree on the web here.

Rating: (4/5)

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Crowne Plaza, Norwest, Sydney

We were in Sydney to attend a training course at our office in West Pennant Hills and the Crowne Plaza in Baulkham Hills was the closest hotel. It is probably 30 to 45 minutes from the Sydney CBD on a good day.

The hotel was your typical Crowne Plaza, not a 5-star hotel, but it wasn’t bad either. I guess I’m saying that it was clean and functional. Though its showing its age if you look close enough.

The bed was nice but I found the pillows to be  far too soft and I didn’t have a decent sleep while I was here.

I had a couple of room service dinners during the week as I couldn’t be bothered venturing out to find somewhere else to eat. The Beef Burger and Club Sandwich were exceptionally good as hotel room service food goes, and the Creme Brulee and Tiramisu deserts were right up there also.

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Thai Spice, Stanhope Village, Sydney

After room service for a couple of nights we’d decided to head out for a feed. We tried to get into the Outback Steakhouse, but the queue was long, and we were famished so we decided to try a local Thai restaurant instead.

We headed over the Stanhope Village to a small restaurant called Thai Spice.

Thai Spice is your usual, suburban eat in or takeaway restaurant. In fact, the menus on the tables were the takeaway menus! But I’d heard good things about the food, so was more than happy to give the menu the benefit of the doubt.

We ordered three mains BBQ Lamb, Chicken Jungle Curry and a duck dish accompanied by rice, all of which were very reasonably priced and all tasted great. I’m surprised we didn’t lick the plates we enjoyed it so much.

Unfortunately, the restaurant was BYO, and since we hadn’t planned ahead, soft drinks and water were all we’d be having to drink.

If I’m ever out that way again, I would probably eat here again.

Rating: (3.5/5)

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