Toto’s Pizza House, Melbourne, Australia

Toto’s Pizza House on Lygon Street is touted as the first pizza restaurant in Australia, but I don’t know if that is myth or fact.

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Malaysian Laksa House, Melbourne, Australia

If you like laksa you’ll like Malaysian Laksa House on Elizabeth Street.

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Workshop, Melbourne, Australia

Workshop is another place I’d walked past many times but never went into. That changed during the week and I’m glad.

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Sarawak Kitchen Express, Melbourne, Australia

Sarawak Kitchen Express is a cheap and cheerful Asian eatery on Franklin St. We arrived around 7:30pm on a weeknight and the place was pretty empty. From memory there was only one or two tables occupied.

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The Rainbow Hotel, Melbourne, Australia

After Naked For Satan we headed to a bar closeby that I hadn’t been to for close to 25 years, The Rainbow Hotel. Walking in it looked almost the same as the suburban pub did all those years ago.

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