The Hair of the Dog, Kowloon, Hong Kong

Just around the corner from Fatt’s Place is another small bar called The Hair of the Dog. There are two bars of this name in the area but the one we visited is on Hart Avenue not the one on Chatham Road.

We got here around 7:30pm on a Friday evening after jumping off the ferry from Macau and it was pretty full with the after work crowd. We did manage to snaffle a table right by the door looking out into Hart Avenue.

The list of beers was OK with the old standards of Carlsburg, Stella and Hoegaarden all available. There’s no food available in house but you can order from across the road and they’ll deliver it to your table.

We were back here on Saturday afternoon as well after exploring Central and The Peak.

A much nicer place than Fatt’s around the corner.

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Ah Yat Kitchen, Food Republic, Capitol Piazza, Singapore

I’d been past the redeveloped Capitol Theatre many times, and had walked through the complex on the ground floor and frequented one of the bars there several times – see here. I’d noticed the escalators going downstairs but had always thought that they just led to the carpark. While cruising the complex’s website I saw that there’s actually 2 levels of shops and food outlets below ground and that there was a great mixture of cuisines on offer.

I’d headed downstairs to find some Japanese cuisine but I was out of luck (more on that is a later blog entry) so decided to try a some Dim Sum dishes.

The setup on the first level underground is like the typical hawker centre food court you see all over Asia. A big central seating area with a number of food stalls selling all manner of food, drinks and deserts.

As I was about to head out to the airport for my flight home I thought just a small, local snack would be a good way to finish off my trip. In the back corner I spotted the Ah Yat Kitchen which was serving fresh dumplings.

I’m always a sucker for BBQ Pork Buns so it was pretty easy to order that dish straight away, the 2nd dish I ordered were the old standard Shrimp/Prawn dumplings.

Once you’ve ordered and paid you are given a buzzer which will go off once your order is ready. It took about 10 minutes to be notified my order was cooked.

Two bamboo steamers containing the pork buns and the dumplings were waiting for me at the counter. I grabbed some chopsticks and chilli sauce and headed back to my seat.

Both dishes were piping hit, a testament to how fresh they were.

The sizes were just about right for a snack and the tastes were just as good as you’d get at any high end Chinese restaurant. And you can’t go wrong with the price either! SG$3.60 for each dish (including tax).

Think Tim Ho Wan quality (the original Hong Kong quality – not the inferior international quality!) and price.

Definitely back on the list for next trip!

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Fatt’s Place, Kowloon, Hong Kong

We were in Hong Kong for our last evening and went to a place in Kowloon I was trying to get to during my last trip called Fatt’s Place.

Fatt’s Place is a bar that opens out onto Hart Avenue – a good place to look at the hustle and bustle of Hong Kong while you have a drink.

When we got there mid afternoon and there were only a few of us, probably half a dozen. Table service had our beers in front of us pretty quick smart along with a bucket of peanuts.

It’s pretty down market, concrete floors and rickety tables. When you shell your peanuts you just throw the empty shells on the floor!

There is a very good selection of international beers on the menu to chose from and a small kitchen in the corner for fresh cooked food like burgers and pizzas – though we didn’t eat.

A bit of a divey, local bar that’s worth atleast one drink if you’re in the area.

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The Modern Izakaya, Chijmes, Singapore

Chijmes in Singapore was an old Catholic convent that has now been converted to a restaurant, bar and entertainment area across the road from Raffles City.

Walking through one evening I noticed a new Japanese restaurant (It wasn’t there in December 2015 when I last walked past) but it wasn’t open for dinner yet – it opens at 6pm. I took a mental note to come back the next day.

Having been to Japan a month ago I was excited to re-taste the unique flavors of Japanese dishes.

I tried several different yakatori type dishes.

The Chicken Thigh skewers were very good and reminded me very much of the yakatori I’d eaten in Nagoya, Osaka & Tokyo, as did the Asparagus and Bacon skewers.

A Lamb Rack, well a single lamb cutlet, was well seasoned and tasty, but completely over priced for what was received.

The Pork Belly skewers, on the other hand, were very much underwhelming to the point of not tasting like much at all.

Happy hour here was 6pm til 8pm (I think!) so 2 glasses of Asahi were around $16.

Overall, I wasn’t impressed with this place. It didn’t seem to me to be authentic Japanese and was overpriced in my opinion.

I wouldn’t return.

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Caffe Leffe, Grenoble, France

About an hours drive from Villard Reculas is Grenoble at the base of the spectacular French Alps.

We arrived in Grenoble around 11am which gave us enough time to explore the historic centre of the city before finding somewhere for lunch to shelter us from the blistering midday sun.

Grenoble is compact and quite flat in the city centre so it was an easy walk. Great architecture and nice parks make it a pleasant walk – just watch out for the trams!

There’s a town square of sorts called Place Grenette close to the Jardin de Ville (Town Garden) which has dozens of restaurants around the square with several of the larger ones having tents in the square itself for you to sit under while you dine.

One of the larger establishments with a good menu that suited all 3 of us was Cafe Leffe so we decided to eat here under the tent. Some of the tents have water mist sprinklers to keep you cool, unfortunately not Cafe Leffe but we did get some relief from the adjacent cafe when the breeze was right.

Cafe Leffe is a chain of cafes across France and Belgium and the menu is standard across the chain.

As you can guess Leffe brand beers are prominent on the menu, as well as a number of other beers if Trappist beer isn’t your thing.

I chose a Leffe Ruby to rehydrate with.

For my meal I ordered a double Leffe Burger (around 300g of meat all up!) with cheese that came with a serving of chips. It was absolutely HUGE and a struggle to finish.

For a pub meal it was decent and not overly expensive given the tourist area that we were in.

After lunch we caught the cable car upto La Bastille which is definitely worth a visit for an hour or so. You can see the world famous Mont Blanc in the distance.

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